copani san francisco 2019

COPANI is the largest conference in the Americas that focuses on Japanese heritage, held biannually in one of 14 participating countries in North and South America. As the graphic designer and one of the founding committee members of COPANI San Francisco 2019, I have created and guided the direction of the conference’s branding. The logo is inspired by Japanese woodblock prints in its bold and irregular style, while maintaining a cleanliness so that it blends in with the conference’s theme, “The future is here”. The images that I have created for its website, Facebook, and Instagram pages alludes more clearly to this theme: bold, modern, and clean.


Official logo for COPANI San Francisco 2019.


Welcome banner.

copani logo.png

Drafts for COPANI San Francisco 2019 logo.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.09.21 AM.png