premama, inc.

Prenatal vitamins are often compared to horse pills. As a company that produces these products, Premama's goal is to make these more appealing and easy to consume by packaging vitamins in powdered form that could easily be mixed into food and drinks. Our goal was to create a brand that reflected these ideas. In every aspect of designing the packaging, coupons, display podiums, business cards, and brochures, I focused on creating images and design that would appear soothing and nourishing to expectant mothers. The packaging for the citrus raspberry flavor featured a bold orange color that would make it easier to distinguish it from other flavors.

The final product was distributed to over 1,200 Target locations in the United States.

Aspen Display Board 13' x 7' 6"

Aspen Display Board
13' x 7' 6"

Aspen Podium Wrap 6' x 2' 7"

Aspen Podium Wrap
6' x 2' 7"