tibetan language app

This is a work-in-progress, self-initiated project that began when I took a beginning Tibetan language class while working at Guna Foundation and I wanted to see what an updated, digitized version of some of the lessons would look like. I designed the app with these two main goals in mind: to eliminate manual time-consuming steps that did not contribute to the process of actually learning the language, and to save hundreds of paper that was a hassle to keep organized.

In order to look-up a word from a sutra that was given to us in handouts, I first had to figure out where a word began and ended, then had to manually look-up the definition in a dictionary or on a separate website, which was at least another three-step process by itself. Simply looking-up four lines from a sutra could sometimes take over an hour.

The design of the app would solve this problem by making it easier to look-up words directly from sutras by letting the user tap on any part of it, immediately letting you know where a word began and ended and showing the definition. It also has the function that could show the overall meaning of a sutra, which are often esoteric, as opposed to getting a word-by-word translation that was sometimes impossible to make sense of without the teacher's input explaining the cultural context.