tsethar international

Tsethar: a traditional Buddhist practice of rescuing animals in imminent danger of slaughter. I designed the logo, website, and provided supplementary illustrations and infographics to Tsethar International, a sister organization of Guna Foundation.

In Tibet, few animals are as integral to the Tibetan culture and livelihood as the yak. Historically, they have provided food and materials for shelter. However, in recent years an increasing demand for the taste of the exotic animal has industrialized the slaughter of yaks to an unprecedented scale, answering demands elsewhere in China and abroad, with reports of yaks missing and/or stolen from pastoral lands. Tsethar International aims to educate the public about these issues and the benefits of vegetarianism and has successfully freed animals from slaughter in both Tibet and the United States by buying back yaks and other animals and providing a safe haven for them permanently afterwards.

More work to be posted soon!